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🌿菩萨棋 红油满天星 九分沉 6mm / 17.3g🌿

🌿菩萨棋 红油满天星 九分沉 6mm / 17.3g🌿


🏺一件孤品,沉香 108颗念珠,原料来自柬埔寨菩萨顶级野生沉香"菩萨棋 红油满天星"6mm / 17.3g 九分沉。香味花蜜香味甘甜,别具魅力。。。值得拥有的藏品。

🌻Welcome to Agarwood World showroom for Viewing and experience with no obligation . Wide range of Agarwood Product for your selection.

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🏠 Address : 6001 Beach Road B1-79 Golden Mile Tower Singapore 199589.
🕛 Operating hour : 12pm to 7pm.
👨‍💼 Founder : Jeffrey Teoh | 张伟杰
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