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🌿正区海南 野生老壳料 95%沉 (孤品)🌿Agarwood Hainan 🌿

🌿正区海南 野生老壳料 95%沉 (孤品)🌿Agarwood Hainan 🌿


🏺正区海南 野生老壳料 95%沉水珍藏级 (孤品) 这些年这海南95%沉的料子逐渐消失,就是香味太奇妙了,就是人人品香的首选材料。这海南的香味只能这样形容、沁人心脾、芬芳馥郁,就是无法用言语来形容。想体验的朋友们请前来沉香静舍"免费品赏"

🌻Welcome to Agarwood World showroom for Viewing and experience with no obligation . Wide range of Agarwood Product for your selection.

🇸🇬 Agarwood World Singapore🍂沉香静舍 (Founded 2016)
🏠 Address : 6001 Beach Road B1-79 Golden Mile Tower Singapore 199589.
🕛 Operating hour : 12pm to 7pm.
👨‍💼 Founder : Jeffrey Teoh | 张伟杰
🌍 Web :
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