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大地瑰宝~沉香露 GeoAgar Essence ~ Agarwood Diffuser 250ml

大地瑰宝~沉香露 GeoAgar Essence ~ Agarwood Diffuser 250ml


Singapore's First Agarwood Scent Diffuser Essence



Fragrance characteristics

  • 全自然的沉香气味,带来清新的空气体验。

Natural agarwood scent for a refreshing air experience.

  • 具有高雅的香气,仿佛有早晨踏入大自然树林里大地于树木交接的气味。

Elegant fragrance, as if stepping into a forest in the morning, with the scent of earth mingling with the trees.

  • 微妙的草药味道,类似菠萝和咖啡,带有马六甲椰糖的一丝气息。

Subtle herbal notes resembling pineapple and coffee, with a hint of Gula Melaka.

  • 大地瑰宝~沉香露,适合喷雾器使用

GeoAgar Essence ~ Agarwood Diffuser suitable for use in a diffuser humidifier.



Our product has been tested by the sample testing center of a registered company in Singapore. The results show that both microbial and heavy metal contamination are within safe limits, making it suitable for use by both adults and children.



GeoAgar Essence ~ Agarwood Diffuser is made from all-natural agarwood materials, contains no chemical fragrances.




Among them, the two key ingredients are premium agarwood paste and agarwood hydrosol.


Suitable environments

  • 可以放在车内、瑜伽、静坐和办公室, 卧室,客厅和聚会。

Suitable for placement in cars, he car, yoga, meditation, office, bedroom, living room, and gatherings.


How to Use


GeoAgar Essence, simply add it to purified water at a ratio of 1:5 and then pour it into a diffuser for use.




  • 安神

Calming Effect

  • 净化改善空气素质

Air Purification

  • 大自然清新的香气

Natural Fragrance

  • 疏解减压

Stress Relief


产品将于11/3/2024同步在全新加坡推出可以在实体店沉香静舍文化馆购买,或在官方网站、ShopeeLazada Etsy等平台上购买,享受新加坡免费送货服务。

The product will be launched simultaneously across Singapore on March 11, 2024, and can be purchased at the physical store, Agarwood World Gallery Singapore or various platforms including the official website, Shopee, Lazada, and Etsy, with Singapore free delivery service.

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