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The event has successfully concluded. We look forward to meeting you again next time.


Concludes successfully amidst laughter and joy.



Long-standing questions surrounding agarwood, have been answered one by one today, the participants' faces are filled with satisfaction and joy, this agarwood appreciation event is not just a sharing session. It is also a profound learning experience.



The curator said with deep emotion during the sharing the world of agarwood needs to be felt with the heart through its Agarwood we can discern its quality whether it is wild or artificially cultivated, the authenticity and the place of origin all of this cannot be simply understood from online textual descriptions or from the place of origin information on labels to find truly high-quality agarwood one must personally smell and explore.



This statement reminds us of the ever-changing nature of agarwood and its mysterious treasures only through personal experience can we truly grasp its essence.


Before the event ends the curator gives the participants agarwood small gifts and blesses them with a singing bowl wishing them good fortune and success in all their endeavors.

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